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5 Reasons Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential for a Healthy Home in Sydney

There are several elements in your home that lend it a unique character. A beautiful selection of upholstery can make a bold and beautiful statement about your finer aesthetic sense. Since they are also the most visible part of your home décor keeping them in good shape is essential to maintain the overall beauty of your interiors, whether it is your home or business place. Hiring upholstery cleaning Sydney service experts becomes important to retain their glamour and shine and extend their long life.

Like carpets and curtains, your upholstery gets exposed to conditions within your home environment brought about by habits and practices. Over time they attract many suspended particles, dust, smoke, smells, oils, and body fluid fluids, and change their color and character unless cleaned. So let us see why we need to clean our upholstery from time to time.

5 Reasons Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential for a Healthy Home in Sydney

Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery

General Look

Our furniture and upholstered ones are our prized possessions which we take care to buy, taking great lengths to select great-looking upholstery. Since they occupy our most lived-in living spaces they see a lot of human traffic. They get exposed to wear and tear over time especially since we use them very often. They face a larger brunt of activity in a home with kids and pets including frequent visitors. So spots, stains, spills, and smoke, are common. If left ignored the upholstery loses its shine and looks grimy and filthy and degrading overall appearance. So calling in upholstery cleaning Sydney specialists help get back the old-fresh look with their state-of-the-art techniques and solutions. In case you have the upholstery serviced in commercial space it brings back the lost elegance which is so needed in such places, where image matters!


Often the life of the family centers on upholstered furniture items. You sit on them, eat on them, lie down on them, and recuperate from illness on them. You might sit on it while cutting vegetables, changing a diaper, or giving someone medicine. And of course, let us not forget the innumerable snack and tea sessions served while sitting on them. And if you have pets and kids, they use it as a playground.  So it’s never a quiet and dull day with your upholstery which sees many moods and shades. As a result, it traps smells of smoke, coffee, tea, culinary spices, sweat, and the mustiness of suspended pollutants. Over time they start smelling and in extreme cases this might turn unpleasant. A good cleaning revives the odorless fresh clean feel of your upholstery.

Indoor Air Quality

We carry and bring in a lot of dirt, dust, and other contaminants carried through our clothes. These get transferred onto your upholstery every time you sit, lie, or laze around on them. Suspended contaminants, allergens, spores, pollens, dead skin, mold, grime, and bacteria settle on the upholstery and do so deeply if left unattended. Again they get circulated in the air as you plop onto your upholstered furniture. Indoor plants and air filters do contain air-borne suspended particles but not completely. This eventually affects the air quality inside your home. A good clean would remove all these unwanted features from your upholstery and of course improve the indoor air!

Health Factors

Over time contaminants, allergens, fleas, bacteria, dust mites, and mold get inside upholstery fibers. If this is left by itself with no action, it becomes the breeding ground of allergies and health symptoms. It might cause skin rashes, breathing discomforts, and other health risks. Regular hiring of upholstery cleaning Sydney service experts reduces the presence of these contaminants and helps maintain the overall health of the family.

Increase Durability

Upholstered furniture is a very personal and expensive investment. Like with most things it gets subjected to wear and tear through usage, stains, spills, and collected dirt and contaminants. Cleaning on a regular basis can prolong the rewards of your investment. Often they look dull, and faded, with fibers gone apart and matted. This is due to settled pollutants that make it look heavy and unsightly. Frequent cleaning removes all the unwanted settled elements and revives the look back to its original hue and freshness. Doing so prolongs life and makes it more durable.

It is however important to take note that the cleaning can be effective if good standard industry-approved solutions and techniques are employed. This is usually the hallmark of reliable cleaning companies. Improper products and methods can diminish the color and softness of fibers.

 Small efforts at DIY cleaning can be good but for serious cleaning, a good professional cleaning company should be called in. They have high-powered extraction equipment, appropriate solutions, and trained personnel who have the skill to remove the embedded dirt and debris without affecting the quality and look of the upholstery. Sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous and when we resort to over the counter bought products we end up damaging the upholstery, incurring expenses, and sometimes replacement and repairs. Professionals before beginning treatment check the upholstery condition to prevent any issues arising like texture damage, color fade, cushion shrinkage, and dye bleeding. So to protect and preserve your upholstery call in the experts at regular intervals and secure the life of your upholstered furniture and the beauty of your home!