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Steps To Remove Food Stains From Carpet

The carpets become dirty and give the lousy appearance to floors if stains are found on them. There are many stubborn stains such as food stains which is difficult to remove. Hence, one can get rid of these stains, simply by hiring the carpet cleaning services which are very helpful in providing neat and clean carpets without stains.

Many homeowners ignore the cleaning of food stains residing on the carpet which will later spoil the fabric and soon they will have to replace it with a new one. So it is highly important to take out the food marks as soon as you notice them. You can follow the below procedure to make your carpet food stain free.

Remove Food Stains from Carpet
Remove Food Stains from Carpet

Best Method For Carpet Food Stain Removal

  • Removing the dirt with the liquid – This is the first step that is the use of liquid to remove the dirt from the carpets as much as possible. The liquid used should be in a way that removes almost half of the dirt from the carpet.
  • Blotting of the affected area – After the cleaning, the affected area is blotted with the dry rag cloth, which helps to soak the liquid. This dry cloth helps to pull out the stain from the carpet. The professionals use white cloth or towel for carpet stain removal as towels are best to remove the stains.
  • Use of carpet stain remover – In this, the Carpet Stain Removal solution is used on the affected area. Professionals of carpet cleaning Sydney used to spray a safe solution on carpet. Make sure you do not use the product that contains the bleach as it ruins the quality of carpets.
  • Let the solution soak – After using the stain remover on the carpets,  it is allowed to soak for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This soaking let the chemicals to react with the dirt and other impurities.
  • Blotting after soaking –  Use the dry rag cloth to make the area dry and to soak the leftover liquid from the carpet. This blotting is an important step while carrying any kind of carpet cleaning task.
  • Cleaning by a fresh cloth – In the next step, use the fresh cloth i.e., soak in the distilled water; and then use that wet cloth over the affected area, and dab that area; this is done to remove the remaining liquid and other stains.
  • Use of vacuum machine – This is the last step, in which the vacuum machine is used by professional carpet cleaners over the carpet. The vacuum machines used to dry the area and at last, the result obtained is stain-free carpets.

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