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Simples Steps for Making Carpet Cleaning Solution at Home

Are you in love with your carpets? Do you want to see your carpets stay clean at all times? Well, professional carpet cleaning does come handy but if you cannot stand a dirty carpet at any time of the year then you need to do it yourself at home. You cannot hire a professional cleaner every time you spill something on your carpet or for everyday dust being accumulated on your carpet.

Easy to make carpet cleaners are your saviours for such situations where you can make your own carpet cleaners at home with minimum ingredients. You can use these solutions for cleaning high-traffic carpet areas, removing stains, dealing with tough spots, and general cleaning purpose. Here are some of the tried and tested cleaning solutions that can be easily made at home and work wonders for carpets:

Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaner and Conditioner –

    Combine 1 teaspoon of fabric softener, 1 scoop of OxiClean, 2 tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent, ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner, and 1 gallon of hot water. Mix them all in a bucket and the result will be as good as a commercial carpet cleaner. It will make your carpet cleaner, softer, fresher, and smelling pleasant.

  • Non-Toxic Fragrant Carpet Cleaner –

    Take 15 drops of essential oil (of your choice), 2 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 2 teaspoons of salt and mix them well. This mixture becomes a non-toxic carpet cleaner that gives a very nice smell too. If you have a family or kids/pets at home then this non-toxic carpet cleaner is the best choice.

  • Carpet Cleaner with Window Cleaner –

    Simply mix one measurement of window cleaner with an equal amount of water to create an efficient carpet cleaner for your house and car carpets.

  • Ammonia-based Cleaner –

    Take 3 gallons of water, ¼ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of ammonia, and 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent. Mix these ingredients in a bucket and use it as an effective carpet cleaner. Ammonia-based carpet cleaners are way stronger than other conventional cleaners. However, ammonia is a corrosive component and one needs to be careful while using this cleaner. It is better to use gloves and protect your hands while mixing all the ingredients.

  • Lemon and Peroxide Cleaner –

    Mix 5 drops of lemon essential oil with ¾ cups of hydrogen peroxide and 1½ cups of water. Stir all the ingredients properly to form a cleaner. The lemon cuts grease and hydrogen peroxide is strong cleaner so the combination is an effective carpet cleaning solution.

  • Simple Powdered Cleaner –

    You can easily make a powdered carpet cleaning solution by mixing 1 cup of corn starch with 1 cup of baking powder, 5 bay leaves, and a sprinkle of dried (crushed) potpourri. This powdered cleaning solution is highly efficient for red wine stains removing and spills.

  • Baking Soda & Borax Carpet Cleaner –

    If you want to have a very powerful carpet cleaner then choose dry baking soda and borax powder as the main ingredients. You can add a little of your favourite fragrance by adding flowers or herbs. We suggest combining in a bowl 1 cup of borax powder, 1 cup of dry baking soda, 1 tablespoon of dried flowers/herbs, and 20 drops of essential oil.

How to Use These Cleaners at Home

Carpet Sanitisation Service

Once you make any of the above carpet cleaners at home, it is imperative to know how to use it properly for effective outcomes. Here is the cleaning process to any of these home-made cleaners:

  • Transfer the cleaning mixture into a bottle and use it as a spray. Stir the mixture properly and spray it on a spot to be cleaned. You need to apply a thin layer of the mixture on the carpet.
  • Do a spot test on your carpet for any DIY cleaning solution before using widely on your precious carpet.
  • Once you know the mixture is safe on your carpet fabric, you can use it on the dirty area. Divide the carpet into various sections and clean one section at a time.
  • Leave the cleaning solution on the carpet for at least 10 minutes and you will get better results.
  • After 10 minutes, you will have to scrub the carpet using any stiff-bristled brush. This further pushes the cleaning solution deep into the carpet fabrics and also loosens the soil and debris from the carpet. Once done, wait for half-an-hour so that the liquid solutions can dry.
  • Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet. You will have to vacuum twice or thrice for an effective outcome. Here also take one section at a time and this will reduce your burden.

Cleaning your carpets at home is a good option but you need to very careful. However, it is suggested to still opt for professional carpet cleaning in Sydney once every year to give a long life to your carpets. For affordable carpet cleaning in Melbourne from a trusted, reliable, and experienced company call Clean Master Sydney!

How Our Professionals Can Help

After practising DIY cleaning processes if the spots still don’t dissolve away completely then you can request the experts of Clean Master Sydney for assistance. Our experts have got more than 2 decades of experience in this profession and they are furnished with reliable and useful machines. With the most effective solutions, they will extract the spot immediately and bring your carpet to a brand new shape again.

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