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Why Does Carpet gets Shrink And What Can Be Done To Prevent It?


Shrinking of your expensive and beautiful carpet can be a nightmare for most of us. To take the right measures for its prevention requires you to know what makes it happen. There are several reasons that cause shrinkage in carpets. Some of them being employing incorrect Carpet Cleaning practices, use of harsh sprays, drying it for a long time, etc. The way the carpet shrinks is similar to the way clothes shrink after cleaning. Carpet shrinking, being an expensive mistake, should be avoided it to a significant extent.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Causes of Carpet Shrinkage

  • Hiring an Unprofessional Carpet Cleaner

    Every carpet has got distinctive attributes that inexperienced carpet cleaning professionals fail to note prior to beginning the cleaning procedure. If you notice that your carpet has shrunk post a cleaning, then it implies that company isn’t using good quality cleaning agents or employing the right cleaning methods in accordance to the nature of the carpet. To prevent this issue, it is important to hire a carpet cleaning expert.
  • Using Very Hot Cleaning Water

    Traditional steam cleaners make use of cleaning agents that is made by combining shampoo in hot water. Though Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning is best for removing dirt, But it too hot water can even cause delicate fibers of carpet to shrink.
  • Carpet Made Using Natural Fibers

    Another important reason why carpet shrink is the material with which they are made. It has been seen that natural fibers tend to get smaller at the time of absorption of moisture. As most of the carpets nowadays are made using synthetic fibre, there are less chances of shrinking. It is important to choose a carpet cleaning expert who adopts the right cleaning procedures depending on the fiber of the carpet.
  • Excessive Soaking

    When you soak a carpet by applying a lot of pressure, then the chances are that it gets shrink.
  • Prolonged Carpet Cleaning

    Due to deep stains, many cleaning professionals either use more amount of cleaning agent or prolong the cleaning procedure. Both these ways lead to shrinking of a carpet.

Why You Need to Choose Only Professional and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Firms?

Out of all these reasons, poor cleaning is one of the reasons behind carpet shrinking. To avoid this problem from occurring, it is required to take help of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sydney. These firms assure its clients of the use of best quality and highly efficient tools.  Cleaning professionals provided by these companies have a good amount of training and expertise.

Professional cleaners use the best cleaning tools and methods that does not cause your carpet to shrink. They follow the protocol for carpet cleaning by first identifying the nature of the carpet i.e., natural or synthetic before adopting the procedures. Only when they find that the carpet is fully compatible with the tools and the methods that are going to be used, they commence the cleaning.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning
Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Why Should You Hire Us?

We are one of the best Clean Master Sydney with many years of experience in carpet and rug cleaning. We have a team of certified, competent and highly skilled cleaning professionals who aims at delivering advanced cleaning services without any risks of shrinking of your rugs, mats and carpets. We take responsibility to keep your carpet completely clean and safe while maintaining its shine, and health.