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5 Steps to Prevent Carpet Mold After Water Damage?

Water seeping is problematic to eliminate. Apart from damaging the wooden furniture, it leaves a negative remark and scar on the fabric items especially carpets. Carpet water damage restoration strives to bring the classy carpet back by using some suitable techniques and strategies for the same. The main obstacle during the whole process is the carpet molds which develop over the carpet surface in no time.

Carpet Molds Damage

Why are Carpet Molds Dangerous?

Carpet molds just need a humid dark favorable condition to grow. Within no time they get multiplied over the whole wet surface. Carpet molds just not spread over the surface; they may lead to certain allergies and diseases to the people staying around the region. By developing all over the surface the molds directly or indirectly start to kill the whole allure and elegance of the carpet making it shabby and dull.

Steps to Prevent Carpet Molds

  1. Remove The Water and Humidity –

    As soon as the mold gets noticed by the naked eyes try to remove every single drop of water from the surface to prevent the further influence of molds. In the process of water damage restoration in Sydney, the first step is always to eliminate the favorable conditions before proceeding to any strategy.
  2. Use a Dehumidifier –

    A dehumidifier is a machine that helps to eliminate any moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth. Dehumidifying the room blocks every path of humidity to re-enter again in the carpet and furniture. Instead of a dehumidifier, any other machine can also be put in use which acts in the same way.
  3. Take The Assistance of Baking Soda –

    Baking soda is a natural cleansing agent in many conditions. It is widely used in removing grease, stains, and even the molds. Spread the powdered baking soda over the surface of the carpet and leave it untouched for about two hours. After the same, you can vacuum the carpet and can see the jaw-dropping results.  
  4. Steam Cleaning –

    Steam cleaning is the first option which is suggested during a water damage. Steam cleaning also helps in removing any residue of any bacteria or fungus and makes the surface free from such bacterial agents. Steam provides high temperatures which are unbearable or molds.
  5. Check The Furniture and Surrounding Region –

    Sometimes even treated properly and getting the carpet rescued from molds and fungus the influence of the fungus can be noted again. This is due to the humidity which persists in the furniture and the region surrounding the carpet such as the floor and walls. Common causes of carpet water damage is effective only when the proper concern is given after the restoration process.

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