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How To Deep Clean Carpet Yourself

We are sometimes obsessed with our home and its furniture and upholstery. We make it a point to get the best of them for our beloved home. Carpets are an integral part of a modern home. They come in many fibers and designs, so we choose the best one with care. The furnishing is complete when we lay carpets on the floor.

Our job is not complete after laying out carpets in our home. We have to give utmost attention to the maintenance of carpets. Therefore, proper Carpet Cleaning Service is an important necessity. Sometimes we might need deep carpet cleaning for various reasons. We shall learn when we might require deep carpet cleaning.

Deep Clean your Carpet Service
Deep Clean your Carpet Service

When do we need Deep Carpet Cleaning?

We can say it confidently that accidents do happen. Here is a scenario where your kid spilled chocolate on the carpet. You try to remove the spillage but unfortunately, it results in stains. Stains can form from various sources. Your pets can stain the carpet with their droppings. Someone has an injury and is unaware of the blood spillage on the carpet. 

We visit one area of the house frequently. For obvious reasons, one part of the carpet will have dirt accumulated, and the area will look like a traffic lane. You try your usual carpet cleaning methods, but you could not restore the carpet to its old state. 

We realize that we are affected by health conditions like breathing issues or allergies. We might suspect that there might be germs on the carpet. These are the instances when we need deep carpet cleaning. Here are a few methods of deep cleaning your carpets that might help.

Deep Cleaning Methods

  1. Take half a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, half a cup of vinegar, two spoons of detergent powder and mix them in a liter of warm water. Sprinkle the mixture on the stained or spotted area. Use a clean towel to wipe the area. Vacuum the area dry afterward. This mixture is highly effective on a few non-removable stains. 
  2. When you want to remove oil stains from the carpet, do the following. Take Baking Soda, sprinkle it on the area stained with oil. Make sure the powder covers the area completely. Leave it until the powder absorbs the oil and changes texture. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powder. 
  3. If in an instance, you spill nail polish on to your carpet, it might become more difficult to remove both the hardened polish and the stain. Remove the hardened polish using a blunt object. Take some clear alcohol in a cup. Pour the alcohol on the stained area. You can notice alcohol dissolving the stain. Use a clean cloth to wipe the stain off.
Carpet Deep Cleaning Service
Carpet Deep Cleaning Service

If you still were unable to restore your carpet using the above self-help methods, please call us. We have an expert team that can help in deep carpet cleaning. We use the best products and methods that help in the removal of stains. So, we shall ensure that your carpet is restored to its original glory!

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