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5 Enemies You Should Protect Your Carpet From

 Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have become the essential need of every home, office, or decor. No ambiance can ever be complete without coordinated carpets.

We all invest a substantial amount of time in choosing a perfect combination of color, craftsmanship, texture, etc, and plan to leave that as a legacy for coming generations. But carpets need a lot of care and attention to preserve their life and keep their color and texture alive for a long time.

There are various factors which are responsible for damaging your carpet and if you keep changing your carpet every now and then, then this could burn a hole in your pocket. Not anymore!  Given below are some factors which can be held accountable for ruining your carpet. So, all you need to do is protect your carpet from these 5 enemies to enhance your carpet’s longevity.

  • Moisture And Water

    Moisture and Water
    Moisture and Water

    Moisture and water are the two biggest enemies of rugs and carpets. Continuous exposure to water and moisture can damage the fiber of the rugs, no matter if they are made of wool, goat hair, cotton, or silk.

    Even after cleaning the carpets with water, they need to be air-dried thoroughly for getting rid of the moisture. Sometimes when rugs are placed very near to the windows, flower pots, washing machines, etc then the rugs and carpets catch moisture easily and get damaged much faster.

  • Insects

    Moths and carpet beetles can damage your carpet significantly. You should check the drawers and closets in your home regularly to avoid the infestation. The larvae of the moths and insects can damage the fiber-like wool, cotton, silk, feathers, and the likes. If something spills up on the carpets and left uncleaned, then it makes the carpets even more vulnerable to the damage caused by larvae.

  • Chemical Treatment

    Sometimes chemicals are used to soften the colors and bring changes in the carpets. These chemicals are not sighted by naked eyes but they can make the fibers of the carpet considerably weak. The chemical treatment causes rugs and carpets to get damaged more easily.

  • Fire

    The carpet is made with the substance which when it comes in contact or even gets the influence of high temperature then they can get damaged. The burning cigarette is the most common reason for the carpet burn. The fire of high intensity can damage the complete carpet. So, ensure that the fire source does not reach the carpet anyway.


    Carpet Spill
    Carpet Spill

    Commonly spilled liquids like water, milk, or anything else get absorbed quickly by the rugs and that is why you need to clean them immediately. You can remove the spilled liquid by clean and dry cloth or a slightly wet cloth until the stain has been completely removed. For removing stubborn liquids like wine, coffee, tea, and the likes, you can use white vinegar or room temperature club soda for the purpose.

  • Ultraviolet


    The ultraviolet rays of the sun soften the rugs over time. If any part of the rug or carpet falls under the sunlight which comes through the window, no matter if the carpet is made up of synthetic or natural material, the color of the carpet will fade. One can minimize the damage caused by hard sunlight by applying UV protective shields on the window panes.

    So, protect your carpet from the above-mentioned enemies, and boost the lifespan of your carpet significantly.

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