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How To Steam Clean A Curtain?

Steam cleaning is the best way of cleaning a curtain, our curtain deals with day to day dust and becomes dirty and unhygienic. If you want to clean your curtains effectively, you need to take some big steps. Steam cleaning your curtain is the best when it comes to complete cleaning, a steam cleaning machine is required for Curtain Steam Cleaning. The machine throws the high-pressure steam on the curtain which cleans the curtain and removes stubborn dirt and stain spots.

Moreover, you can do the curtain steam cleaning on your own, you need to have some patience and a little bit of hard work. In this blog, we have written the beginner steps for steam cleaning, follow it carefully in order to do an effective cleaning.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

To Start Cleaning You Would require The Following Items.

  • Commercial stain removal.
  • Steam cleaning machine.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Good quality steam cleaning shampoo.
  • Water

In case you don’t have the steam cleaning machine, you can rent it from any store, make sure whichever you’re taking home has a good built quality. Also, ask for an instruction manual, so that you won’t mishandle.

Steps For Curtain Steam Cleaning.

  • Step-1

Before directly jumping to the steam cleaning machine, you must know that steaming doesn’t work like that, you have to prepare the curtain before using the machine. Pick up your vacuum cleaner and attach the brush, now vacuum clean the curtain thoroughly, and keep doing it until you’re sure that the curtain is free from dust and dirt.

  • Step-2

When you’re done with steam cleaning, find out if there is stain somewhere on the curtain, use UV light to see the hidden spot of stain. Spot clean those areas using the commercial stain removal solution, pour the commercial stain removal solution directly on the stain, or read the instruction written on the product. However, before using the cleaner, do a spot test on a small area of the curtain to see, if the cleaner is safe on the curtain. If it’s safe, continue the curtain stain removal process, take a cloth and blot the stain after applying the stain removal product, keep doing until the stain is gone, the stain will get lighter every time you blot.

  • Step-3

Now, bring out the machine, before doing anything, make sure you have done your homework. Read the instruction manual carefully, when you’re done filling the water and not above the safe level, then add shampoo.  Thus it’s advisable to use less shampoo than required, it’ll easily be removing it from the curtain and cleaning it well.

  • Step-4

Turn on the machine and when the water becomes hot, pick the hose pipe and steam clean the curtain. Move the hose pipe from upwards to down words horizontally. Do it twice, after completing, use clean water and follow the above step again so that all the remaining soap is also cleaned.

After doing the curtain steam cleaning, let the curtains dry on its own, turn on the fan and ventilate the area.

Curtain Cleaning Services-
Curtain Cleaning Services-

Call The Team Of Professionals

Professionals at Curtain Cleaning Sydney would do all this work easily if you have a larger area, then hiring professionals is best. Because they own the heavy-duty machine, which is specially designed to do the Curtain Cleaning for longer. Also, curtain cleaning would be done properly, as the person who does the job are experts and has experience of doing curtain cleaning.

Moreover, when you choose curtain steam cleaning, the curtain stain removal and curtain sanitization are included. So, don’t wait anymore and call us for bookings, we at Clean Master Sydney have the best professional curtain cleaners in Sydney.

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