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How Do You Make Old Tiles Look New ?

Tiles are used for so many purposes. Beautiful tiles can make a normal home look much better. You do your best to keep them new and shiny. But the sad truth is they look old with time. The colour fades and the damage is visible. Also with beautiful furniture around old tiles don’t do justice to them. Tiles must be installed properly so that they can be cleaned easily. Moreover, the kitchen slab tiles are very easy to maintain. Whereas floor tiles look dull with all the accumulated dust.

Good Maintenance of Tiles
Good Maintenance of Tiles

Habits for a Good Maintenance of Tiles

You can increase the durability of tiles with proper care. Here are some tips for you.

  • Regular mopping and cleaning- Firstly, use good detergents for your tiles. You can call our customer service to guide you. Secondly, mop and scrub tiles everyday. This removes daily stains. Thus, dirt won’t keep collecting.
  • Replace necessary tiles – Moisture turns tiles yellow. Therefore, you must have noticed this in the bathrooms. This issue can be solved. Just replace the yellow tiles. Thus, this is how you maintain the beauty of tiles.
  • Spills – Some spills can cause forever stains. Clean the liquid spills immediately. Scrub the floor until the stain reduces to great extent. Use proper cleaning products for this.
  • Grouting – Grouting will fix the damaged tiles. Therefore, for best results hire tile and grout cleaning experts. Make sure to follow the instructions for cleaning after the process. A little investment and effort can save your tiles.
  • Quality tiles – Now always use good quality tiles. Also they are easy to maintain. Smooth textured tiles are very easy to clean. Install them in the kitchen. Don’t worry about the expenses here. This is a one time investment.

How Can You Make Your Tiles Look New?

Tiles can be cracked and chipped. This is the big concern. How can you make your yellow tiles look new?

  • Cleaning your grout – Grout cleaning is as important as the grout process. Furthermore the grouts absorb dirt. This makes tiles more old and dirty.
  • Clean tiles thoroughly – Don’t use harsh chemicals for your tiles. You don’t want to remove the shine. Use and sponge to clean them. Also use degreasers to make the dirt slip away.
  • Renew tiles – Sometimes it’s wise to replace old tiles. All this cleaning might not help if tiles are very old. Don’t worry there are plenty of affordable options. Choose the best one for your home.
  • Grout paint – After all the cleaning process apply grout paint. This will make your tiles shine brighter. As if you just got your home renovated.
How Do You Make Old Tiles Service
How Do You Make Old Tiles Service

If none of these work and you are still stressed about your home. Trust us with the tiles. Hire Clean Master Sydney and will give you the best service for Tile Cleaning Sydney. Call us on 0488 851 508 to renew tiles and give them a new look !

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