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How to Take Care of Your Wool Carpet?

Wool carpets add a great deal of loyalty to the house while also proving to be warm and cozy. Maintaining and keeping wool carpets for years is not so difficult if you take the right steps. The reason why it is easy to clean the wool carpets is that wool is resistant to stains, dust and owns enough elasticity.

Most of the wool carpets come with an outer lining. This particularly helps when liquids like water accidentally spill on the carpet.

Another great feature about wool carpets is that they are elastic in nature i.e., despite excessive use, they do not flatten with time instead jump back to the original thickness over and over again.

The reason why wool carpets are dust resistant is that each wool strand hosts microscopic scales that enable vacuuming them much easy and proper.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

Taking Regular Care of Your Wool Carpet

  • A little care and attention is all you need for keeping your carpet stay for years.
  • Place a doormat at the entrance of your house, so that the dirt does not make your carpet dirty.
  • Do not walk with your shoes on the carpet, instead wear socks as the shoe soles can damage the carpet.
  • Do not beat your carpet in order to clean it, instead, prefer a gentle and regular vacuum clean.
  • If you notice small fire balls on your carpet often called pilling, use a scissor to remove them.

Prevent the Fading

One of the common problems with the wool carpet is the colour of its get faded when the intense sun rays directly reach to it. The exposure to harsh chemicals is also the reason for the fading of the colour. The first can be controlled by installing qualitative curtains and blinds on the windows to stop the sun rays. We can ensure that no chemicals get in contact with the wool carpet or when gets, clean the chemicals properly because even their small particle can fade away the colour of the carpet slowly. Call the Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney to clean the harsh chemicals and admit superb cleaning results. Clean Master Sydney renders the best professionals so you can hire from us.

Make Your Wool Carpet Look New

  • Although wool carpets are elastic. However, if some heavy furniture is kept at the same place for days, it too may gradually flatten. Thus, keep shifting your house stuff periodically.
    Wool Carpet Cleaning Sydney
    Wool Carpet Cleaning Sydney
  • Shifting the furniture once after a few weeks also creates a new path for the people to walk. Thereby, reducing the chance of abrasion caused by the shoe soles.

Getting Rid of Stains and Tufts From Wool Carpets

  • Clean any spills then and there. Simply blot them with a cleaning solution, working from the ends towards the center.
  • Mild stains are easy to clean with the help of water or a regular cleaning solution.
  • Cut the tuft level by a scissor as soon as you see it.
  • If any food spills on the wool carpets have dried up, first scratch it off and then use a mild cleaning solution to get rid of the stain, if any.
  • For stains caused by tea/ alcohol/ coffee spills, add a little vinegar to the cleaning agent and then use it over the stains.
  • If your wool carpet somehow gets wet, do not avoid and try drying it up as soon as possible.

All in all, it can be concluded that buying the various assets for the house might not be very difficult but caring for them and making them last longer definitely require a bit of care and attention. The same goes valid for the wool carpets in your house.

Professional wool carpet cleaning services

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