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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Red wine accidentally spilled on your carpet? Do not stress over it as it happens with everyone.  If you do not like the burgundy colored stains and want to get rid of the stains immediately, then we have some tips and tricks for you.  Moreover, all these tricks involve the use of ingredients that are easily available at home.

You need not fret over those frantic dinner parties which can spoil the look of your carpet. While it might consume a little bit of time, the end results are going to be quite satisfactory. Here are some of the best ways to remove wine from your carpet in an efficient manner-

Remove Red Wine From Carpet Sydney
Remove Red Wine From Carpet Sydney
  • Blotting Using A Paper Towel-

This step must be performed immediately. The longer you want, the deeper the red wine settles and it gets difficult to remove it. Your first reaction after spotting the stain must be to grab a paper towel or a rag and dab the stain with it to avoid the liquid from setting in the carpet. The trick however is to follow an up and down blotting motion instead of side to side rubbing. Rubbing is going to make the wine penetrate deeper into the carpet. This can also lead to the spreading of the liquid even more.

  • Applying Cold Water-

The best way to dilute wine is to use cold water. No matter how hard you try blotting with a paper towel, some of the wine will still remain in the layers of the carpet. Blotting with cold water will help you soak the remaining wine.

  • Using Salt-

Pouring salt over the wet stain is one of the best tricks. While dabbing itself will help you soak up the wine, covering the spots with salt should be your next move. This will help draw out the remaining moisture when left for a few hours. Make sure however to use the trick on wet stains. Since it works by absorbing the moisture, the method might not be effective on dry stains. Let the salt stay for as long as you can. You will observe that the salt will turn pinkish after absorbing the wine. Scoop the pinkish salt with the help of a spoon and using a vacuum, pull out all the fine particles to make your carpet look new-like again. If the salt remains, simply re-vacuum to clean your carpet to its original form.

  • Preparing Vinegar Solution-

Take a large bowl and prepare a vinegar solution by mixing 1 TB spoon of vinegar, 1 TB spoon of dishwashing liquid and 2 cups of warm water. Stir the three ingredients nicely. Make sure however to use only white vinegar and not other types of vinegar such as apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar. Use two rags, one to dab the stain and another one to blot and dry the liquid. Do this alternatively for the best results. Take the third rag and soak it in cold water. Use it to dilute the wine. Towel dry the area finally and repeat if necessary.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean Your Carpet Sydney
Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean Your Carpet Sydney
  • Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution-

Combine hydrogen peroxide with soap and use it on the stained area. Use this method only if your carpets are of light color. Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties and can hence dull the appearance of your carpet if the color is dark. Always do a spot test to see how it is working on your carpet. Lower the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to about 3% for reducing the bleaching capability.

Dab the stain gently with the prepared solution and allow the mixture to penetrate into your carpet. Blot the stain gently instead of rubbing vigorously. Finally, spray some cold soapy water over the stain by preparing a mixture of dish soap and cold water. Blot dry using a clean towel. Use a clean rag soaked in normal water to get rid of any residue and soapy substance and dry it with a towel.

  • Using White Wine –

If you do not have water handy, white wine is the best solution to dilute the red wine. Clear plain vodka also works fine in this case. Do not use sweet dessert wine or Moscato which can be quite sticky for your carpet. Use a sponge for blotting the diluted wine. This will help you soak some of the colors. Do not use a very damp sponge however for the same.

  • Using Baking Soda-

Carpet Stain Remover Using Baking Soda Sydney
Carpet Stain Remover Using Baking Soda Sydney

Baking soda has a similar effect as salt mentioned above. Keep in mind that watery paste is always better than the dry baking soda. Make a solution by mixing water and baking soda in the ration 3:1 and apply it over the stain. Let it sit for an entire night by covering it with heavy object topped on a clean cloth.  The baking soda forms solid clumps after soaking up all the moisture.  These clumps can then be easily removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Put some cold water and remove all the residue finally.

How Our Professionals Can Help

After applying all these DIY methods if the stains still don’t fade away completely then you can call our professionals carpet cleaners in Sydney for help. Our professionals have got many years of expertise in this business and they are equipped with the best and effective tools. With the most efficient solutions, they will remove the stain quickly and make your carpet look new again.

If you are still unable to find any success then, professional help is the only solution. Clean Master Sydney is what you require in order to make your carpet shine like new again. The expert staff and exceptional services never fail to attract customers.

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