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Stains You Should Not Avoid While Cleaning Carpets

Carpet admirers select the finest woven carpet to enhance the aesthetics of their premises. The most heartbreaking thing for carpet lovers can be stain or spillage over the carpet. These stains may remain there for life long if not handled as soon you spot them, that too with the proper care or it may ruin the fabric of the carpet. Sometimes the owner ignores the stain and leaves it to be cleaned on some other day, but it leaves the toughest mark and makes it more difficult to remove. To retain the natural beauty of the carpet you should deep clean carpet by using chemical-free products which are not harsh, but remove the stains thoroughly.

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Stains Which Need To Be Handled At The First Place

Stains should not be ignored once it has been spotted or the stain may linger on to your favourite carpet forever. Following are some common stain problems faced and tips to get rid of them.

Coffee stain – If coffee spills over your carpet it needs to be handled promptly or it will leave stains forever. White vinegar, lime juice or baking soda works miraculously for coffee stain removal.

Chewing gum – The most annoying and noxious thing that could ever happen is when chewing gum is stuck over your carpet. It requires efforts and will not come out entirely if not removed carefully. But no need to worry as we have a handy as well as the effective tip. You can remove the chewing using ice by freezing the gum which will help it come out easily.

Ink stain – With kids, it is difficult to maintain the condition of the carpet as they like to paint, sketch and write. They don’t care about anything they scribble and draw wherever they can and mostly your carpets fulfil the requirement of a sketchbook. To remove such stains you could try dishwashing liquid with warm water.

Grease – If you are struggling with oil stains and grease over your carpets, then you should try dishwashing soap as it will cut down the grease and will help you get rid of the stains easily.

Wine or juice stains – If you spill red wine juices over your carpet then don’t panic about the stains. The most readily available things can rescue you from the stains are cold water and some salt. You can clean up the whole mess easily by applying them.

Pet urine stains- Pets are unpredictable so as a child, they can pee or poop over the carpet which makes it difficult to clean and remove the foul odour with the stains. To prevent such situations, you can remove the stains using vinegar solution and for the smell, you can use essential oil to suppress the smell.

Candle wax- If you light a candle into your house then it may drip onto the carpet and it quickly hardens and becomes embedded in the fibres of the carpet which makes it more difficult to remove. To remove hardened wax from the carpet, place a white cloth over the wax then using iron, warm the cloth and when the wax melts, it can be scraped out easily.

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