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How to Steam Clean The Curtains?

Curtains enhance the look of your home and thus it is very important to maintain the charm of your drapery. There are times when your lovely drapery gets stained or becomes very filthy. The best method to clean the curtain is steam cleaning. Steaming eliminates all the dirt, stains and other particles residing in your curtains. The experts advise steam cleaning the curtains at least twice a year to increase the life of it and to also make it free from all types of contaminants. 

The other important thing is to follow the right steam cleaning method so that you will receive the best result. Many homeowners are still confused about the right procedure but this article will give you a clear idea and will help in steam cleaning your curtains with more efficiency and perfection. All you have to do is follow the below steps given and maintaining tips for curtain and few facts.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Best Curtain Steam Cleaning Method

  • Step 1: Let The Curtains Be Hanged –

    Make sure you are not removing the curtains from their place as it may hurt the fabric.  It is better to clean the curtains where it is hanging. It is even convenient and very easy to clean the curtains where they are placed rather than moving it.  

  • Step 2: Fill The Steamer –

    In the next step, all you have to do is take your steaming machine and fill the tank according to the information provided in the manual. Do not exceed the line given as it may not be safe. After filling the water set the heating level according to your curtain weight. All the directions will be provided in the guide which comes along with the steaming machine.

  • Step 3: Steam The Curtains –

    Once the water is boiled, you can pull the trigger of the steaming machine and start curtain cleaning in Sydney. Make sure you are placing the machine almost 5 inches away from the drapery. Start steaming the curtain from one of the corners and then move it down in the same line. It is effective enough to start from the top to bottom with each new stroke. 

  • Step 4: Steam on The Other Side –

    Follow the same procedure and clean the other side of the curtain. Ensure to follow the same cleaning procedure which is followed while cleaning the front side of the curtain. If you find any kind of dirt is still present on your curtain then steam clean the area again.

  • Step 5: Let The Curtains Dry –

    After steam cleaning the curtains let it dry for a few hours. On the switch of your fans or you can even make use of dryers with less power to dry the curtains. It is important to check whether curtains are properly dried or not so that there is no mold formation. 

Points to Be Considered

  • It essential to check the fabric type and see to it that whether it can be steam cleaned or not
  • The steamers usually become very hot when put in use so you have to be careful while performing the cleaning task. 
  • Do not try to steam clean the heavy fabric curtains such as velvet

Call The Professional Curtain Cleaners

You may not receive the best result sometimes when you get down for steam cleaning the curtains, so all you have to do is give a call to the professional curtain cleaners. Clean Master Sydney is well-known for providing the professional and affordable curtain cleaning Services. You can completely depend on our team of experts for all your drapery cleaning requirements and we will ensure to give you the desired outcome.