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How to Clean A Dirty & Filthy Carpet?

If you are also one of them who does walk inside wearing shoes. Then, prepare yourself because it’s time for you to clean a dirty and filthy carpet. Dirty carpets not only look bad but also produce a bad smell too. So, in this article, we will guide you on how you can clean a dirty and filthy carpet.

Clean A Dirty & Filthy Carpet Sydney

Carpets act as a dirt magnet as they have small feathery fibres which trap dirt very easily. If your carpets are dealing with heavy dirty areas then, in no time your carpet will start looking dull. 

Well, we do understand that it is not an easy job but also you don’t want to invest in buying a new carpet. So, it’s better to clean it.

Ways To Clean A Dirty And Filthy Carpet

You bought your carpet to décor your home, but if it looks dull then, no doubt your home will also look bad. Because people who visit the house first see the flooring or carpets, if it looks dull, they will go away. So, let us see the steps to clean a dirty or filthy carpet.

  • Agitate the fibres of your carpet and loose up old or dried dirt.
  • Press a scrubbing brush in your hand.
  • Then, start pressing the bristles against your carpet.
  • After the last step is vacuuming, vacuum the whole carpeted area properly.

Use A Steam Cleaner to Cleaning A Dirty Carpet 

Using a steam cleaner can be very effective to clean a dirty or filthy carpet. In this cleaning, a solution is used to clean the carpet with hot water and high-pressure suction. Steam cleaning is very effective in stain or dirt removal if done properly. If you don’t have any idea how you can do it, then, it is better that you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney to clean a dirty or filthy carpet.

Using A Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Hard Pet Carpet Stains

It is also a cleansing agent which can kill bacteria effectively. When it comes in contact with grime then, it starts bubbling which pulls out the stain thoroughly from the carpet fibres and makes cleaning very easier. Steps to do this process:

  • Mix water with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Then, shake the mixture properly.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the stained area
  • Then, spray the solution.

When you notice that the solution has started bubbling then, scrub it gently with a soft brush to loosen the stains and after it gets dried, vacuum the area.

Use borax for Cleaning A Grimy carpet

To clean a dirty or filthy carpet you can also use a grimy rug with borax. Borax is a strong cleaning agent. Using borax with salt and white vinegar can make things easier for you. Mix these ingredients and spread them over the stained area. After some time scrub it and get a stain-free carpet with an easy & safe cleaning process,