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How to Remove Nail Polish Stain from a Carpet?

When it comes to painting the nail, most people look forward to the beauty saloons. However, it is sometimes not feasible to just go to the salon to have your nails painted. Ideally, the vast majority of people enjoy painting their nails at their convenience inside the home. Where one can at their comfort complete the art of nail painting while lying down on the floor. While it may sound convenient this activity has also some drawbacks, like this can lead to spilling of nail polish. As a matter of fact, if you paint your nail on the carpet, you are risking your carpet. Removing nail-paint from the carpet is a hell of a difficult task, you cannot imagine the kind of stuff you need to get rid of the nail polish stain.

Steps For Removing Nail Polish Stain.

If done properly nail polish stain can go away, but it has to be done properly and you need some ingredients.

  • Scoop up any nail-polish as soon as you spot it. The longer the nail polish stain set in, the harder it will be going to come out.
  • Blot any excess spill gently with a paper towel until there is nothing left.
  • Scrape as much of dried nail polish out of the carpet as you can. To do this use the opposite side of the knife or spoon leg.
  • Pour a non-oily remover of nail polish or rubbing alcohol on a rag, then wipe the stain. Continue the process until the towel is no longer soaked with nail polish. If using acetone use it carefully, because it can damage the carpet’s latex backing.
  • Make liquid dishwashing solution using detergent and warm water. You want to have a really watery combination with hardly any soap. Be sure you use a dishwashing product which does not contain lanolin or bleach.
  • Smudge the stained region using a rag soaked in the detergent solution. This should clear the acetone and the remaining bits of fingernail polish. Now,  Use a paper towel to dry the area, repeat until all the area Isn’t dried.
  • Rinse the region by sprinkling some warm water.
  • Pile over the region with the host of paper towels. Weigh down the paper towels, like a stack of books with something heavy. In about an hour, it will absorb all the moisture.

After a while sprinkle some carpet freshener, so your carpet smells good. Congratulations if you’ve done it properly, the stain must have disappeared and your carpet is now all clean and back to its original look.

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