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How To Get Rid Of Nasty Odours From The Carpet?

It would be correct to say that any carpet is an integral part of our home. Ignoring the maintenance of the carpet will result in deterioration of the home environment and hygiene. It has been suggested by experts that carpets do require routine cleaning and maintenance. Dirty carpets can harbor many dangerous germs and pathogens. Any exposure to this germ loaded carpet can expose you to many diseases.

carpet odour removal
carpet odour removal

Also, the present in the carpet odor causes bacteria which can make your carpet stink. Organic and food stains will further promote the growth of the bacteria and ignoring carpet stain removal will also worsen the situation. Stinking carpets will end up deteriorating the indoor air you breathe. You should get rid of this odor by following carpet deodorization at home.

Professional carpet cleaners can be hired for carpet cleaning in Newtown. We are also providing you with an easy DIY for carpet deodorisation at home. Follow the steps mentioned below and get rid of all the nasty odours from the carpet in no time.

DIY For Carpet Deodorisation

Things To Be Used

  • Baking soda powder
  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • An empty spray bottle
  • Any essential oil like clove oil
  • Vacuum cleaner


  • If the carpet is stinking due to stains, you may need to treat the stain first. Rinse the cloth in detergent water solution and put it to use to clean the stained patch on the carpet.
  • Now take an empty spray bottle and add white vinegar and warm water into it to make a solution and mix it well. you can also add some drops of essential oil to this solution.
  • Using the spray bottle. Spray this vinegar solution over to the complete surface of the carpet. Let the vinegar cover the carpet completely and let it rest.
  • After you have sprayed vinegar, you need to sprinkle baking soda powder to the carpet. Sprinkle enough amount of baking soda powder on the complete surface area of the carpet. Make sure you pour enough amount of baking soda for covering the carpet completely. Let the vinegar and baking soda powder reside on the carpet for a few hours.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar have strong odor removing and disinfecting properties. Along with essential oils, these two substances can provide effective carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization results.
  • After a few hours, you can make use of vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Run the cleaner on the carpet and remove the baking soda powder, debris, and collected dust. You will observe that the carpet smells fresh and fragrant now.
Best Carpet Cleaning Services
Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Whom To Trust

Carpet deodorization is an important aspect of any carpet cleaning process. The odors arising from the carpet may hint at some larger problem that needs to be addressed professionally. Clean Master Sydney is a renowned company that provides its customers with all kinds of carpet cleaning services. We focus on delivering the best professional carpet cleaning services at low costs. Our team of professional carpet cleaners is amongst the best in the business. 

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