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Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Carpet Cleaning NSW

Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Best And Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service in Newtown

The best and efficient carpet cleaning Newtown is available at Clean Master Sydney. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge of carpet cleaning tools, cleaning agents, and different cleaning methods. We have various pocket-friendly carpet cleaning packages that will best suit your needs. The post-cleaning maintenance services will ensure timely inspections and proactive measures. We believe in building customer trust by providing a healthy and safe environment. For more details of the various services for Carpet deep cleaning services in Newtown, contact us.

Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Carpet Cleaning Service
  1. Local Carpet Steam Cleaners
  2. Efficient Steam & Dry Cleaning Process
  3. Eco-Friendly Solvent based  Solutions
  4. Restore the new look of your carpets
  5. Use of minimal water during carpet steam cleaning
  6. Carpets will not shrink or stretch after steam cleaning
  7. We use an active Healthguard formula to remove germs & bacteria

Key Fact:

King Street is the heart of Newtown. As well as being a delicious ‘eat street’ it’s also a fashionable shopping band with a superior range of designer boutiques, vintage stores and toy shops. The activities are on day and night.

Carpet Cleaning Newtown:

We got a call from John Street for coffee stain removal service in the evening as they were going out for shopping in Newtown. The schedule was made as per their given time. When they got back, they found the cleaners at their place. We made this possible with mounted truck for carpet cleaning service. Our team carefully inspected the carpet and done the required cleaning procedure for carpet stain removal. The customer was very happy to have service from such a dedicated professional’s team.

Do you give same day service?


Yes, same day service is available with us for carpet cleaning in Newtown. We value the urgent needs of customers and send team as soon as possible.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Newtown

We offer all kinds of Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Newtown. Professional Carpet Cleaners with plenty of experience are available with us for the service. Get the best deals on all types of carpet cleaning service. Call 0410 453 896 or contact online for a FREE quotation.

In Newtown, we provide professional carpet steam cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. We ensure that the customers get the best of cleaning service at the lowest price. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensure the safety of your carpets along with no harmful effects on family or pets.

Best Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Best Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Carpet Dry Cleaning Newtown

Clean Master Sydney use this method to clean carpets from the core. Our cleaners apply dry cleaning solution (foam-based solution) on carpets that break down the dirt, soil, and stain. After a few minutes, the solution is sucked up using a heavy duty vacuum leaving the carpet cleaned to perfection. Afterward, we inspect carpet once again to check if any residue is left and leave after your approval.

Carpet Spot Removal

Even if your carpets are clean and dirt free, the spills and stains make them look unclean and ugly. Whether it is the dried blood or red wine spot on the carpet, we know how to make them out of the carpet with perfection. Call us today and get our specialised carpet cleaning services at the reasonable prices.

Carpet Stain Removal Newtown
Carpet Stain Removal Newtown

We Remove All Kind of Stains

  • Urine Stain Removal

    Urine consists of uric acid and other chemical compounds when it gets on carpet it leaves its colour marks as well as smell. Clean them immediately followed by deodorising. Hire professional service to get it done with perfection. You can rely on services from us in Newtown.

  • Wine Stain Removal

    Wine spills on the carpet firstly leave its colour mark then it shows its effect on the thread. With its effect, it can damage your carpet. You may not have required cleaning solutions which can remove the stain and its smell. Get it done by the professionals from us in Newtown, that will be a better choice in such a situation.

  • Blood Stain Removal

    Blood has a combination of a large number of chemically active elements. When it gets spilled on the carpet it creates a deep stain. Beside staining it gets into the gaps and attract microbes. Clean them instantly as if it will remain unnoticed then you might be in a need of professional to remove this. You can call professionals from us for better assistance and services. 

  • Food Stain Removal

    The stain from food material is harmful to your carpet than stain from other sources. Solid food material like chocolate is easily removable while the liquid food material like curry gets into the gaps of the carpet leaving behind stain followed by smell. Get them cleaned immediately with the help of washing powder solution and blot the spot to dry the carpet. Call for professional help if required depending upon the area of spillage. 

  • Coffee Stain Removal

    Coffee stains are the curses for carpets, as they make permanents stains. The spills and stains of dairy products also cause a foul and unbearable smell. However, the permanence of coffee stain completely depends on carpet fibres. Blotting down the spills as soon as they happen is the best way to avoid them. In case, the spills have dried up, you can hire our professionals team.

Best Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Best Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Carpet Mould Infestation Removal 

The growth of mould occurs when the moisture remains in the carpet. The moisture accumulates more dirt particles as well as help in their growth. It affects the fabric and spread all over the carpet surface. The mould slowly turns black in colour, which makes the carpet look unhygienic and unpleasant. We have a complete solution for carpet moulds. Contact us for booking, we will be happy to serve you.

Local Carpet Cleaning Services

Dirty and stained carpet in the house is not healthy. You can refresh the look of your carpet with the help of local carpet cleaners. Local cleaners are more preferred as they can understand the language better, as well as they are aware of the trends of carpet in the region. All kinds of dirt and stain will be cleaned by them making the carpet spotless. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Newtown

Carpet cleaning is not just an essential part of healthy living but often a legally binding part of the end of lease cleaning and property inspections too.

Our cleaning services in Newtown cover all these aspects and help you live a healthy and peaceful life:

  • Odour-free home
  • Carpets look, feel and smell as good as new
  • Better first impressions on clients and friends
  • Fewer irritants to respiratory health.
  • Safer for children
  • Better chances of the sale or passing that next rental inspection.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Professional Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Smart Process Of Carpet Cleaning

Our services for Carpet Cleaning Newtown is unique as carpet cleaners are certified, proactive, and affordable.

  1. A thorough inspection of the carpet
  2. Dusting and vacuuming
  3. Apply steam to the carpet
  4.  Tough stains and spots are cleaned separately. 
  5. Tackle remaining spots on the carpet
  6. Apply Teflon protector
  7. Post-clean inspection.

Reason for Choosing our Carpet Cleaners

We have the ability to get the best cleaning results for carpets. The below given points are reason for choosing our service.

  • Courteous, professional staff
  • Free quotations and consultations
  • Eco-friendly ‘green’ solutions
  • Lowest price rates in Newtown
  • Stain removal to tackle even the worst of stains
  • Same day service for emergencies
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Residential Carpet Cleaning

Clean Master Newtown’s Range of Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

  • Pet Stain And Odour Removal
  • Mould Removal From Carpet
  • Wine stain removal
  • Wool Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Water Removal
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Pet Hair Removal from Carpet
  • Carpet Dirt Removal
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Vomit stain Removal  
Carpet Shampooing
Carpet Shampooing

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Carpets get dirty often, as dust slowly builds upon the surface of the carpet. Many people have busy schedule in their life, thus they do not get time for carpet cleaning. For them, same day carpet cleaning service has been made. In this service, you can get your carpet cleaned on the same day of booking. The charges for the same day services are meant to change. We ensure that the cleaning team reaches your place on time and offer the service as per need. 

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Services

End of lease creates issues regarding carpet cleaning. The owners normally do not get satisfied with the condition of the carpet. To save yourself from paying the amount of new carpet, you can opt to get it cleaned by the professionals. You may be worried about the company where you can get the best and affordable carpet cleaning service. Undoubtedly come to Clean Master Sydney where you can get the services in different price ranges for the cleaning of the leased carpet.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Newtown
Expert Carpet Cleaning Newtown

Scotchgard Carpet Protection Services

Scotchgard stop the direct touch of dirt and stains particle with carpet surface. Applying Scotchgard on the carpet means complete prevention of stains on the carpet, no matter whatever is the source. It remains as a protective layer atleast for a year depending upon the traffic at your place.  There are more factors which affects their performance but this will be useful in maintaining the carpet clean and safe for a long time. 

Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Newtown

Besides delivering the best results, our customers’ health is one of the major responsibilities and priorities. The professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that don’t involve harmful chemicals to treat the carpets. We make sure that carpet cleaning treatments are completely safe for your kids and pets. And no allergies or health issues are being caused.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Newtown

The team of Clean Master Sydney is highly skilled and believes in providing the customers with complete value for their money. The services for carpet cleaning and sanitisation are highly affordable in Newtown and nearby suburbs . We offer customised carpet cleaning packages according to our customer’s needs that fits their budget very comfortably. Whether you want the services for residential and commercial spaces, you will get at the best prices.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Newtown
Carpet Steam Cleaning Newtown

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning Newtown?

Clean Master Sydney is a reputed name for carpet cleaning service in Newtown. There are several reasons to choose us for this service. The notable ones are given below: 

  • We are available on all days to get the booking and give the service.
  • Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in the service.
  • Use of eco-friendly solution is preferred.
  • Own several teams to fulfil your urgent needs.
  • Free quotes for the services are available.  

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Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Newtown:

Is homemade solution helpful in cleaning the carpet?

The homemade solution must be prepared under the guidelines of the expert as the involvement of chemical are there and any miss mix of the products can result in the formation of something else. So before you use them for the whole carpet, test them on the small portion to check the result. If everything goes well. Use it for the whole carpet.

What type of vacuum cleaner should I use?

The vacuum cleaner and its pressure while cleaning totally depends upon the types of carpet. Get the relevant ideas about it from the manufacturer. The error in the pressure of the vacuum cleaner can create damage to the threads or whole carpet.

Will you reach our place on time?

Our company and professionals are known for their punctuality. When you make a booking with us, the schedule is given such that the team can reach on time. You will be informed in advance for any change in the time.

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