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What Causes Yellow Stains On Mattress?

A stained mattress is a very common thing and you need to understand the kind of stain which has occurred on your mattress before you are able to clean it effectively. So other than the normal specific stains such as bloodstain, mud stain and food stain you might often find a yellow stain on your mattress. 

Wondering what the yellow stain is off? We will guide you with the different causes of yellow stains on mattresses. 

Read on to Know About The Different Yellow Stains.

  1. Oil Stain – If you are not careful while you carry your plate of food to your bed and an oily item or a curry falls on the mattress, if not taken care of at the right time, it is capable of forming a very rigid yellow stain of oil on your mattress. This stain may or may not be removed using home remedies. In case all home remedies fail, you can take the help of professionals who will make use of the innovative technologies and their customized products to get rid of the stain once and for all.
  2. Sweat Stain – It might be invisible in the initial stages but eventually sweat can for some spots and stains on your mattresses which can even lead to bad odour on your mattress. You need to make use of some household products such as vinegar to get rid of the stain and baking soda to remove the odour. This is the most common day to day stain on the mattress and pillow or even clothes for that matter.
  3. Urine Stain – If you have pets at home, urine stain is something you must be well aware of. Getting rid of it is a pain and most importantly getting rid of the stench that comes along with it. What do you do? White vinegar and baking soda again come in very handy for this kind of stain. Use dilute white vinegar of good quality to remove the stain effectively and avoid further staining due to the vinegar.
  4. Moulds – Something that a number of us are unaware of, your mattress may form moulds over a period of time if proper care and hygiene are not maintained. The moulds formed on the mattress look like small yellow spots covering a specific area of the mattress. What is the procedure to remove the moulds from the mattress? To remove the moulds from the mattress you need to use some commercial disinfectants or even some DIY products. Moulds can lead to a very unhygienic experience. If you see an area on your mattress which is full of small yellow spots consider it to mould and immediately disinfect the mattress as it can spread easily ruining your whole mattress cleaning Sydney. You can even take professional help to get your mattress deeply cleaned using modern technology. 

Yellow spots are not just from oil or urine, it could be from a number of other things. Be aware to be able to clean effectively and hire Clean Master Sydney for the best results.

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