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Is Your Carpet Damaged By Black Water Flooding?

Abrupt changes in weather conditions can cause flooding from rivers and lakes. Also, faulty sewage piping due to human error can cause sewage flooding. The water discharge from these sources contain harmful pathogens and are termed as “black water” discharge. Blackwater discharge contains harmful microorganisms and if left untreated the damage might be irreversible.

If your carpet is damaged from “black water” discharge, rather than cleaning it by yourself and risk infection, it is wise to get them cleaned by professionals. Carpet cleaning is a professional company with years of technical expertise that can turn your water damaged as good as new.

Hassle free restoration of carpets

Whenever your home is flooded with unsanitary black water and your carpet is water damaged, contact us at Clean Master Sydney and do the following;

Get your expensive carpets restored in no time with the help of our team of experts. Our experts are professionally trained and specialize in getting your water damaged carpets restored. Our team of proffesionals gives utmost priority to your complaints and available for emergency situations.

The professionals are professionally trained in cleaning your carpets that have been damaged by unsanitary water discharge. The water damaged is thoroughly cleaned to remove harmful pathogens and microorganisms present in the excess moisture content. Furthermore, the carpets are professionally sanitized and have a quick drying time.

Cleaning Technology Used For Carpet Cleaning

Our experts follow a standard set of procedures that are essential for restoring your carpet damaged by unsanitary water discharge. Our team follows a set of prescribed steps in chronological order for carpet restoration which is mentioned below

  • Visual inspection of the water damaged carpet is carried out and an evaluation report is produced.
  • After an initial evaluation, the surroundings are inspected to ensure how the cleaning procedure can be carried out.
  • The padding of the carpet is discarded as it may be soaked with unsanitary water such as sewage discharge.
  • If the carpet and its padding are redeemable, the water is sucked out from the carpet using high powered suction wet vacuum.
  • Before the cleaning process begins, special pre-conditioning agents are applied to prepare the carpet for cleaning.
  • The carpet is thoroughly cleaned to remove the harmful pathogens and microorganisms.
  • After cleansing using specialized ingredients, the carpet is thoroughly sanitized with professional-grade cleaning solutions.
  • The carpet is rinsed with steam to kill the microorganism while maintaining the color of your carpet.
  • Special post-conditioning agents are applied to the carpet by Carpet Cleaning to eliminate odors and to protect the cleansed carpet.
  • After rinsing, the carpet is vacuumed and dried to remove the excess moisture and to ensure its quick drying.
  • Once the carpet is dry, the special solution from Carpet Cleaning is applied to eliminate odors and to protect your cleansed carpet.
Carpet Flood Water Restoration
Carpet Flood Water Restoration

Tips To Control the Black Water Damage Before We Reach

The renowned team of experts provides round the clock emergency services to cater to your cleaning requirements. Moreover, you can follow a set of prescribed set of procedures or precautionary measures to contain the damaged.

  • Cordon off the source of leakage to prevent further water damage to your expensive carpets.
  • Time is of the utmost importance when your home is flooded with unsanitary black water discharge. If the damage is left untreated it will lead to severe infection and your carpet cannot be redeemed.
  • Assess the damage and if possible sanitize the area by taking necessary precautionary measures.
  • Remove the carpet from the water damaged area and place it in an open dry place.
  • Take proper precautionary measures while handling items that have been contaminated by unsanitary water discharge to limit contact with microorganisms and harmful pathogens.
  • Barricade off the area to prevent the access of children, and pets.
  • Abstain from using a vacuum cleaner as they might cause the spread of microorganisms.

Why Should You Hire Us?

If you hire the professionals from Clean Master Sydney proficient in flood damage restoration Sydney, you can be assured about the following

  • Emergency flood damage restoration services
  • Assured deep cleaning services
  • Through sanitization is done to prevent the spread of microorganisms
  • A company with years of cleaning expertise
  • Quick-drying time assured

Keep a note of Clean Master Sydney – 0488 851 508, so that you can contact us when you need to get your carpet restored from gray water damage.