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6 Steps To Prevent Carpet Mold After Water Damage

Water damage is surely frustrating and can give you several challenges. There are many situations and accidents that lead to water damage in your home. Under such situations and circumstances, it makes you worry about your furniture, fixtures and flooring. You worry about drying your carpets and how you can prevent the development of molds on it.

However, there is a proven and effective way in which you can dry out your carpet and prevent it from developing mould. The sooner you start cleaning the damage caused by water, the sooner you would prevent the mold from growing on your carpets.

When you expose yourself to molds, it causes several health issues which can be irritation in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Also, when you breathe in the airborne mold, it helps in triggering asthma, hay fever and several allergies.

The best way in which you can keep this mold from spreading is by acting as fast as you can when you know that there is presence of water in your home. Follow these six steps mentioned below to prevent your carpet from molding after the water damage.

Get rid of the water as soon as possible

Getting rid of the water after the water damage as soon as possible is much essential. You can use a vacuum to clean up this water. Vacuums are one of the most effective machines that help in removing water. You can also rent one if you do not have it in your home from the companies that specialize in water damage restoration Sydney.

Speed up the drying process by using fans

Fans can take up several days in drying the water damaged area entirely. However, the best thing about fans is that they help in circulating fresher air. If you feel that it is dry and nice inside your home, it would actually be not. You must switch on the fans in your home 24 hours for a minimum of one week. You can also rent the high power drying fans from the local stores of home improvement.

Make use of the humidifier for drying your room

Humidifiers help in removing the excess moisture from your room and help in making the air feel cooler than before. They also help in limiting the growth of molds and mildew. Any kind of equipment which helps in drying out the air in your room would help in speeding up the time for drying for your damaged coverings and floors.

Steam Clean your floorings and carpet

Make sure that you steam clean your flooring and carpets which would help in sanitizing and deodorizing them. Also, the padding of your water damaged carpet must be replaced.

It would cost you much lesser to replace the padding of your carpet than if you replace the entire carpet.

Sanitize the baseboards and walls

It is essential for you to sanitize whatever has been touched by the storm water. You must clean all the hard surface floors, walls and other surfaces with the help of water and soap. Once you are done cleaning, sanitize these areas by adding one and half a cup of chlorine bleach to one gallon water. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves when you are cleaning.

Check all your furniture

Check out for water damage and remove all the furniture from the wet floor. The water damage might be easily hidden underneath your carpets and rugs. Hence, you must make sure that you give a thorough inspection to your home in case you find a water damage.

It is definitely a task to clean the water soaked floors and carpets, but when there is water damage, they can be contaminated by sewage, mud, mildew and silt and lead to several health issues. You must therefore clean these surfaces to prevent the growth of mold and other microbes.

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