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How To Remove Food Items Stain From All Types Of Couch Fabric?

Couches and fabric are an important part of the home. Though, it’s maintenance also requires proper cleaning. Sometimes it is impossible to protect your couch from stains and spills, especially from food and beverage spills.  But what you can do is use some easy methods for couch stain removal and couch cleaning to keep your couch fresh as new.

Remove Food Stain From Fabric Couch-Cleaning
Remove Food Stain From Fabric Couch-Cleaning

Follow The Given Below Methods In Order To Get Effective Results

Cotton Or Linen Fabric Type

  • Cotton and linen fabric are the common types of fabrics which are basically used in the couch. You need vinegar and rubbing alcohol.
  • Take one cup of rubbing alcohol and then add one tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Pour a few drops of this solution directly on the spotted area and leave it for a while.
  • Take a microfibre cloth and blot the stain and let it absorbs the moisture and you’ll notice the stain will start to disappear.

Couch Stain Removal Method For Untreated Leather

  • Put some baking powder on the couch surface affected area.
  • Leave it for a while so that the powder absorbs the stain.
  • Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and vacuum it thoroughly and clean all the powder gently.
  • If there’s still visible stain you need to take professional upholstery cleaners assistance, they’ll use proper modern tools and eco-friendly cleaning solution to treat the stain well.
Couch Stain Removal
Couch Stain Removal

Coated Leather Couch Stain Removal

  • Take a clean microfibre cloth and blot the stain.
  • If the stain is dry, use a commercial leather cleaner and pour the cleaner directly on the stain.
  • Apply some conditioner in order to nourish the leather fabric and Gently wipe it down.


  • Microfiber couches need extra attention for couch stain removal, as it’s very difficult to remove the stain from a microfiber couch.
  • For all kind of fabric, follow this technique;

Fabric Code                 Washing Method

  • W               By using fresh water it can be cleaned.
  • S                 Wash using dry cleaning solvents only.
  • W/S           Fabric is safe for both, water washing and dry cleaning solvents.
  • X                  Made from the delicate fabric material and should be handled with care.
Professional Upholstery Cleaners
Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Call Professionals

Professionals are suitable for X labelled couch cleaning. Couch cleaning sometimes becomes complicated thus require special attention, if you hire professionals for couch cleaning and couch stain removal they’ll do the job properly. Clean Masters Sydney is one of the leading professional upholstery cleanings in Sydney. With the year of experience, we have learned effective ways for couch cleaning and couch stain removal. For more information call us today and book your booking.