What are the Common Causes of Carpet Water Damage?

We all are aware of the importance of carpets in our homes. Carpets provide beauty our floorings also gives a soft ground to walk on. Carpets are heavily used all around the word and chronic wear tear and regular contact with water can damage your carpets. Carpet water damage can also be caused by water flooding inside your homes. Professional carpet cleaning services will help you deal with carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning. You can take preventive measures to avoid flooding of water and prevent carpet water damage. Carpet water damage should never be ignored and it can lead to mould infestations and bacterial contaminations too. Wet carpets can create a bad home environment and deteriorate the air quality you breathe in. Let us follow this article to know about the common causes of carpet water damage.

Carpet Water Damage
Carpet Water Damage

Reasons For Carpet Water Damage

  • Rainfall and Snowfall

    Rainwater is a serious threat to our homes and belongings. Rainwater can leak through your ceilings and windows. Water can get soaked in by carpet causing carpet water damage. Make sure that there is no sign of moisture on your walls and ceiling in case of rainfall. Fix any leakage and penetration of water on your walls by sealing the part and applying a waterproof paint to stop the movement of moisture. Snowfall is another common problems and cause of water flooding. Snow particles can enter our homes through wind and melt and saturate your carpet with water slowly. Carpet water damage can also be caused by ice particles condensing and collecting on your carpets. Keep your doors shut and windows used in case of snowfalls.

  • Drainage And Sewage

    Drains provide pathways to the used and dirty water. Always keep an eye on your drainage system as they are very prone to get blocked and clogged. Clogged drains can stop the flow of water and accumulates a lot of dirty water till it overflows. This overflow of dirty water can damage your furniture and carpets. Carpet water damage by overflowing drains can be very dangerous as the used dirty water may contain harmful bacteria and pathogens. Any sign of blockage should be taken care of instantly or you can call your plumbing service to fix any issues associated with clogged drains.

  • Plumbing pipes

    Plumbing pipes are known as the vascular system of our homes. These pipes help in the flow of water through our homes for various uses. Any sign of leakage and cracks can cause overflowing and bursting of pipes resulting in water flooding and causing carpet water damage. Water soaked by carpets must be removed instantly, carpet water extraction can easily be taken care of by professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Home Appliances

    Air conditioners, Washing machines and dishwashers are common home appliances which come in direct contact with water and work with water storage too. Maintain your airconditioners by regular service and cleaning. Make sure that your AC is not leaking water drop by drop and get it fixed in the case of water leaking. Washing machines and dishwashers should never be used in your absence, maintain their proper function and make sure you don’t overfill the machine as it can lead to overflow of water and cause carpet water damage.

Wet Carpet Cleaning
Wet Carpet Cleaning

Professional Assistance:

CleanMaster Sydney is an experienced name in carpet cleaning and our team of professional carpet cleaners will help you with carpet water extraction and routine wet carpet cleaning. Carpet Flood restoration can be carried out as soon as you give us a call and we will deliver guaranteed results within 24 hours.