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Tips to Prevent Carpet Stains

Wool carpets can be one of the best purchases for your home. Wool carpets are cozy, soft and enhance the appearance of the house too. They are available in a vast variety and can be a good option for you.

Wool is made from lanolin which naturally helps to remove stains and dust mites. Nevertheless, carpet cleaning is important to maintain the carpet looks because it can be affected by many other factors including water, pets and dirt particles. When you consider cleaning your filthy carpets at home there are certain ways that can help you. Moreover, you can also go for a professional carpet cleaning in Sydney.

Carpet Stain Cleaning Service
Carpet Stain Cleaning Service

Here are The Tips to Clean A Woolen Carpet

  • Step 1- Eliminate The Soil From The Carpet: – You can take your wool carpet outside your home and hang it and beat it with a hard stick. It will help eliminate most of the particles of dirt and dust mites. 
  • Step 2-  Thoroughly Vacuum The Carpet: –  Thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the dirt and debris. 
  • Step 3- Combine A Mixture Of Detergent Solvent: – Fill a bucket with cold water and add 1 or 2 spoon mild detergent and simultaneously blend them. Then mix it up with cold water in another bowl.
  • Step 4-Run Smoothly: – Use a sponge and dip it into the solution and gently scrub it over the stained area. Try not to clean vigorously and do it gently until the dirt is completely removed from the carpet. Do not saturate the carpet completely because wool carpet fibers are permeable, which can take longer time to get dry. 
  • Step 5 –Wash The Carpet: – The next crucial step is to use a sponge with clean water to rinse the stained areas. 
  • Step 6 –Blot The Damp Area: – Clean it with a clean towel if there is any excess moisture left. Repeat this method until the whole exterior gets completely clean.
  • Completely Dry The Carpet: – The last thing you have to do is completely dry the carpet. You can also hang up the carpet to make it dry.

Hire The Professionals

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Carpet Stain Removal Service
Carpet Stain Removal Service

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