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The Top 5 Steps To Reduce The Risk And Spread Of COVID-19

Coronavirus is already in the air and all know that there is no specific way to treat those infected with the disease called COVID-19. In such a situation, experts have suggested to stay home and stay safe. Keeping the house and self neat and clean every time is always good for health but in this situation, it is very necessary to clean yourself and your place. We are providing below the top five steps which you can strictly follow to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19. 

Before knowing those steps it is necessary to know how the disease called COVID-19 spreads from one person to another: 

  • Breathing in infected particles: Those people who are infected with the coronavirus they must be sneezing and coughing. During this, the virus gets mixed with the air and remains alive for many hours. During that time if someone will breathe in that infected particle then he will be infected with the same disease. 
  • Touching Infected things: If you will touch anything which has been touched by the infected person then the virus will get onto you. Then, if you touch your mouth and nose it will get inside your body. Anything can be infected with this virus-like your door handle, tap, anything you are buying and other things around you. 

Let us see the top five steps which can reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus: 

  • Clean and disinfect:

    Clean and disinfect everything which you are carrying from the outside (if possible). Now, you must clean everything inside for once, if they have not been cleaned. Let it be a small cutlery item or large items like bed sets and cupboards, there is need for an urgent cleaning and disinfection. Especially you need to be very careful about the cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces like floor, kitchen tiles, and furniture, etc. It has been recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) that you should clean any surface before disinfection and remove those grime and stains hidden in the gaps. 
  • Focus on high touch areas:

    There are some areas in the house which are too much in use and touched by most of the people in the house or visitors from the outside. Ensure that those areas are cleaned and disinfected on a regular interval of a time that maybe after every 2-3 hours. The notable areas are doorknobs, switches, desks, benches, remotes, toilets, sinks and tables.
  • Personal Hygiene:

    This is one of the major steps because everyone is responsible for their personal hygiene. If you really love yourself you should take care of your health and hygiene. This includes the proper handwashing which means at least washing your hands for 20 seconds rubbing each side of the hand with soap. Ensure that the towels are washed regularly if possible have separate towels for everyone especially for the one who is not well. Also, use hand sanitizer for disinfecting your hands and minimize the number of times you touch your mouth and nose with your hand or eliminate this habit for now. Make sure that the sanitizer you are using contains at least 60% alcohol. Touching your mouth and nose increases the chances of getting this illness. The research of the University of NSW says that people at least touch their mouths and nose 23 times every 24 hours. Keep watch on your movement and try to remain inside the home as much as possible. 
  • Sanitise Your Phone:

    Either you are at home or outside the phone is such a device that keeps on rotating in different hands. Either you need to sanitize your phone after every 30 minutes or stop its movement to different hands. Keep it to yourself if it’s yours and do not touch other phones. Many smartphone manufacturers have published their advisory for cleaning smartphones. Anyhow just ensure that it is disinfected before getting to other hands or you take it from others’ hands. This is really a matter of concern which may be ignored by some people. 
  • Clean and sanitize your mode of transport:

    You own a Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car or any other mode of transport for yourself and your family, ensure that it is being cleaned and sanitized on a regular interval or stop its use. By the way, it is safe to stay inside the house so do not move out with your vehicles unnecessarily because you can carry the virus on them. And in no time the virus can reach you if you will give it any chance. Especially take care of car door handles and surfaces including the steering wheel, dashboard, console and door interiors. 

Lastly, we would like to say that keeping your home, self and family hygienic is crucial to preventing or slowing down the spread of any illness, let it COVID-19 or anything else. So mind over considering every aspect of cleaning and sanitizing and keep yourself protected from this worldwide pandemic. 

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