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Simple Steps To Steam Clean The Carpet

With increasing technology, there are many types of machines and methods that are introduced to clean the carpets and one finest equipment is a steamer. The steaming cleaning methods are very useful in removing all the stains, allergens and other dirt particles accumulated in your carpet. The experts say it is very important to get your carpets steam cleaned at least twice a year to maintain its charm.

There are many homeowners who don’t know the exact carpet steam cleaning method but don’t worry here is some useful information by Clean Master Sydney will give you a clear idea and will help you in steaming your carpet and giving it a new and fresh look. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Method

  • Step 1: Vacuum Clean The Carpet: – The first and foremost thing you have to do is move the furniture and thoroughly vacuum clean the carpet. Vacuuming will help in eliminating all the loose particles and pet hairs present on your carpet. Follow the right method and make use of a suitable vacuum machine.
  • Step 2: Treat The Stains: – If there are any kind of stains you notice on your carpet then ensure to treat it before you go for steaming. You can make use of the natural ways and remove all the stains residing on your carpet. Chemical stain removers may damage the fabric so it is very important to opt for eco-friendly solutions.
  • Step 3: Steam Machine Filling: – Take the best steaming machine and fill the water according to the instructions provided on the machine. Usually, there is a line marked on every machine which indicates the water level to be filled. Do not exceed the bar drawn and make sure to only add warm water in the steamer.
  • Step 4: Add Solution in The Steamer: – Once water is filled in the steamer, its time to add the solution in the place which is directed in the manual given along with the machine. You can either add detergent or go for white vinegar if at all you don’t want to use any kind of harmful chemicals. It is better to make use of vinegar as it has some good properties and removes all kinds of contaminants there on the carpet.
  • Step 5: Steam The Carpet: – You are all set to steam clean the carpet. It is important to follow the right method while steaming the carpet. Start the cleaning from corners and then move towards the other places. The machine will direct either pulling or pushing so read the directions and then follow accordingly.
  • Step 6: Let The Carpet Dry: – In the end, let the carpet dry for at least 20-24 hours. It is very essential to dry the carpet as there is a chance of mold formation. All you have to do is switch on the fans and open the window to let it dry. Once it dried completely you can put it to use.

Give A Call To Professional Carpet Cleaners

Need to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Then consider hiring a Clean Master Sydney team. Our team has been cleaning the carpets for many years now and holds rich experience.

They make use of the best art and steam clean the carpet giving it a gleaming look. You will receive a completely safe and professional carpet cleaning Sydney from our end. So call us now to book our quality service.