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What is your Carpet Cleaning Procedure?

Our cleaning method will clean your Carpet in an Effective Manner and give it a new and fresh look. The Carpet Cleaning Method we follow is as follows:
1. Inspection – Firstly we do a thorough inspection to know the fabric type of your carpet and then choose the cleaning method accordingly.
2. Carpets Vacuuming – After inspection, our team of experts will vacuum your carpets. We have highly experienced cleaners who have proper vacuuming knowledge. They make the force and pressure is applied according to the fabric.
3. Stain Blotting: – In the next step we use eco-friendly solution to blot the stains. A piece of cloth is dipped and then we dab it over the stains. We use non-toxic solution which is completely safe and doesn’t cause any allergies.
4. Steam Cleaning: – Our skilful cleaners will steam clean your carpet and make sure your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods of cleaning the carpet from deep within.
5. Carpet Drying – After Carpet Steam Cleaning, we will wait for carpets to dry and then sanitize it.
6. Deodorization: – Carpet deodorizing and sanitizing is our final step. By our carpet deodorizing method your carpets will get a new and fresh look.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service