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How To Spot Clean Carpet?

Spot cleaning can help you the most in maintaining a clean and a fresh carpet. Whenever the stains are caused on the carpets, it will be better if you clean the stains as soon as you see them on the spot. Spot cleaning helps you to clean the stains easily. Therefore, try to clean the stains as soon as possible. But then you need to know the methods of spot cleaning the carpets, here are few of them that will help you to remove those stains on the carpets.

Select the appropriate detergent liquid

There are many detergents, liquids, and cleaning solutions to clean the carpets, but then you will have to know which cleaning solution will suit the carpet type of yours. If you are allergic to those chemicals, then you can also make use homemade Carpet Cleaning solutions that will help you to remove those stains and the unpleasant odor created as well.

Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the stains with lots of cleaning liquid. Pouring or spraying lots of cleaning liquid on the stains can damage the quality of your carpet’s fiber. Scrubbing and rubbing may spread the stains even more. Hence try to blot or dab the stains with a cloth. Spray little amount of cleaning liquid on the carpets.

Immediately clean the spills

Cleaning Carpet Spots and Spills Sydney
Cleaning Carpet Spots and Spills Sydney

the fresh spills using a fresh cloth. Using a white cloth to Steam Cleaning the carpet is advisable as the colored ones may spread the color to the carpets. You can also make use of a white paper towel. Gently dab the stained spots on the carpets with the help of that cloth or a paper towel. If the stains have occurred on a maximum portion of your carpet, then split the portions on the carpet and then start cleaning portion by portion. This will help you to clean all the stains properly and completely.

Use spot cleaning method

Spot cleaning method does not make use of harsh chemicals and detergents. If you use water and soap solutions, it would be more than enough to clean the stains. In the case of worst stains, you can make use of white vinegar and baking soda to dab on the spots. Mix the two of those materials and then start dabbing gently on the stains, use fresh water to clean the applied mixture on the stains. This will help you to remove the stains easily.

After cleaning the stains with fresh water, start dabbing the stained area again with the same cleaning liquid. Repeat the process until the stains go completely. Clean the areas where you have applied detergents or the cleaning liquids with fresh water at the end. After this process of cleaning, vacuum the entire Carpet Cleaning in a proper manner.

How to Remove Carpet Stains
How to Remove Carpet Stains

In case, if you feel the stains are very worst to remove, apply the vinegar and warm water mixture and allow the mixture to dry for a few minutes on the stains. Then start cleaning the stains. If you let the cleaning liquid dry on the stains, then you will be able to clean the stains on the carpet easily and completely.