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How To Seal Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers can be seen on some parks’ surface or nowadays people make them in their homes too. They are very unique in design and give a good impression. Below we are going to read about how to seal the interlocking pavers.

With the help of the right knowledge and tips about how to seal them off, you can easily maintain their beauty. Not taking help from a professional is a big decision in this sealing process but not impossible. So let’s understand the process of sealing interlocking pavers. It has to be done before springs as they can also harm the pavers. 

Tips For Sealing Interlocking Pavers

  • First of all you need to gather some important materials which will be required for the process. These materials will consist of bucket and water, scrubbing brush, and brick or concrete stain remover. 
  • Let’s start with the process. The first step includes washing. The washing can be done by the use of any sort of washers in your garden. But you have to make sure that no furniture is lying on the area of the pavers. As it can damage the furniture terribly. Do a deep washing of them by water for some time.
  • To make the sealing part successful. You need to clear the area by removing the dirt too. For that, mix daily household detergent in water. Mix them while they get sticky. Then you leave them on your interlocking pavers for around 20 minutes. In these 20 minutes the solution will act by removing the dirt besides the pavers. After the time limit, you can use the broom to make it go deeper. 
  • Sometimes the solution which is made by using detergent and water does not remove all the stains. So for that use the dedicated concrete stain remover from the market. It will surely be helpful for removing such stains.
  • Then comes the important step of looking for the amount of sand present between the pavers. You can accumulate the sand by noticing if it is half the percentage of the height of pavers. If not, collect and fill the sand to fulfill the requirement. 
  • Most crucial step is the last in which you have poured the solvent and water into the gaps. They can be done by using a sprayer. Wait for some time and then spray it again to make it more sealed. 

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