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How to Remove Paint Stains from The Carpet

When you start to paint your interior walls in your house, the most annoying thing is cleaning. And the task of removing stubborn stains on your carpet could be very difficult.

Paint removal is not an easy task as you think when your carpet is made with fibre. Paint can ruin the look of your whole carpet. In such a case, you may hire professional cleaners for carpet cleaning services. If you are a homeowner who wants to do this yourself, keep reading and clean your carpet with our superb guidelines. 

Well, removing wet paint is easier, but dry paint removal is also possible. You can remove both kinds of paint stains from the carpeting with our simple tricks. Latex paint is water-soluble and easier to remove than oil-based paint. If you do not know which type of paint stain is on your lovely carpet, you can apply the treatment of latex paint removal.

Carpet Paint Stain Removal
Carpet Paint Stain Removal

Here are Three Methods for Removing a Different Type of Paint Stains from the Carpet

  • Remove Latex Paint from Carpet

  1. First of all, try to remove dried paint by scraping as much as possible. For scrapping, you can use a small dull knife or spoon. Needle-nose pliers will also work to remove or loosen large spots of dried paint.
  2. Now try to saturate the dried paint by using warm water. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the affected area and repeat this treatment until the paint has completely gone from the carpeting.
  3. Now make a homemade cleaning solution to clean the affected area. Add 1/4 teaspoon liquid detergent or vinegar into the water solution and fill this mixture into a spray bottle.
  4. After making an effective solution, spray it onto the stained area and scrub it by using a stiff brush. You can continue the process of spraying and scrubbing the area, if the stain is still present on the carpet fibre. Luckily, we are providing carpet paint stain removal services. By hiring our cleaners, you will get definitely best result. 
  • Remove Water-Based Paint from Carpet:

  1. If you notice that the paint stain is still wet, gently blot the stained area by using a wet paper towel. Remember don’t scrub the area, just blot it.
  2. If the paint stain is dry and hard to remove it, you can use hot water and mix a small amount of dish liquid soap into the water. Then, leave the solution for a while to soften the paint. Your homemade cleaning solution will soften and will ease to remove the paint from carpet fibre.
  3. Once the paint is softened, you can use a dull knife or pin to scrape off the paint. Continue to add more solution as you scrape.
  4. If you didn’t get the result, use a handheld steamer while scraping and removing the paint from the carpet. Or you have also option to hire our experts for cost-effective carpet cleaning services.
  • Oil-Based Paint

  1. If your carpet has stains, you must hire professionals for carpet stain removal. But still here are some points to remove the oil-based paint from the carpeting. You can easily remove water-based paint from your carpet fibre. First, clean the area with a steam cleaner to remove the paint. And repeat this process to remove as much of the paint as possible.
  2. Dab a clean cloth or paper towel in acetone, hydrogen peroxide or paint thinner and blot up the stain carefully. But test this method on an inconspicuous part of your carpet as these items may cause discolouration in your carpet. Continue blotting to remove as much of the stain as possible.
  3. You can also trim the excess carpet fibres by using a pair of scissors. Or you can also lease the experts for professional Carpet Cleaning in Sydney
Expert Carpet paint Stain Removal
Expert Carpet paint Stain Removal

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