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How To Get Tar Out Of Your Carpet

Tar is basically a stubborn sticky substance that is very difficult to remove. Hence, worrying is quite normal if you accidentally spill some on your carpet. Carpet cleaning might consume a little time but is a very important task to save and increase the life of it. You need not stress over it however as there are several ways to Carpet tar removal even from absorbent items like carpets.

While you might find it difficult to remove tar, the trick is to clean the stain immediately, blot it and scrape all the tar which is present. The next step involves taking care of the dark stain using strong cleaning agents. This helps dissolve the tar and helps you make your carpet clean. Here are some of the best carpet cleaning methods to get rid of tar efficiently from your carpet.

Using ice cube to freeze the tar

  • Blotting Using A Paper Towel

A rough paper towel is the best thing to use immediately after you spot tar formation. The trick however is to pat the stain very gently instead of rubbing it vigorously. Similarly, make sure to stick to the tar area or you might end up making other areas dirty as well. Start blotting as soon as you can to avoid tar from hardening. Additionally, continue blotting until there is no more tar on the carpet.

  • Using Ice Cube To Freeze The Tar-

This is one of the best methods so far. Freezing fresh tar makes it hard and easy to scrape off.  All you need is an ice cube which you need to keep against the stain for about a minute. Do some inspection however and refreeze the tar until it is completely hardened

  • Scraping Hardened Tar Using A Butter Knife Or Spoon

The frozen up tar can easily be removed using a knife or a spoon. You will be able to take it out in crumbles. Moreover, do not be too rough while scraping as this can damage the fibers of your carpet. While this helps you get rid of the tar, there is still stain which requires cleaning agents to vanish.

  • Using Household Cleaners

It is normal for your carpets to get black stains in case of tar spillage. The dark stains can be treated however by using dry cleaning solutions. Just pour a few teaspoons over a wet cloth rag and blot the stain.

Make sure to just pat lightly instead of rubbing harshly. If you are able to make your carpet stain-free at this step, then you can finish off by pouring some water over the clean area and dab. Hence, this will help you clean off any left-over dry cleaning solvent.

  • Creating Your Own Detergent Solution 

Creating Your Own Detergent Solution Sydney

You can prepare a cleaning solution if you are unable to achieve the desired results in the previous step.  Just mix one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with one teaspoon of water in a bowl. Make sure that your liquid dishwashing detergent does not contain any bleach or lanolin. Blot the stain using this solution in dabbing motions and clean by using water later.

  • Using Rubbing Alcohol To Get Rid Of The Stain

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains. All you need to do is to soak a part of clean cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and dab it over the stain. Do not over soak the cloth or it may get into the layers of your carpet. This can lead to damage to the latex bonds of the carpet. Ensure to not forget to dab the area with a cloth soaked in clean water to remove any excess rubbing alcohol.

  • Using WD-40 Over The Stains

Most people are unaware of the fact that WD-40 can act as an efficient stain remover. All you need to do is spray it on the stain and let it remain for ten minutes. Take a clean cloth and blot the area until the entire stain is no more. Make a solution by mixing dish soap with water and dab it again over the area to remove Wd-40.

  • Using Brake Cleaner 

Although break cleaner is not designed to remove stains, it can do wonders when it comes to lifting tar stains. Spray it directly over the stain after spot testing it. Blot the stain later using a clean cloth.

Contact The Expert Carpet Cleaners

If you are still unable to get rid of it, then you can always take the help of professionals. Clean Master Sydney is an expert in carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Be it tar or any other kind of stains, we can help you get rid of it completely. We have excellent staff and all the necessary tools to give your carpets a new-like look.

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