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How To Clean Carpets To Make Them Last Longer

Carpet is one of the most essential articles to maintain the elegance of the interiors of your home or office. Owing to its vibrant shades and texture and fluffiness, carpet makes you feel good. It is a valuable possession which is attractive as well as expensive. This feature makes regular maintenance of carpets very essential. Moreover, frequent cleaning is necessary to make your carpets last longer.

To maintain a carpet for long lasting life and increase its durability, the following checklist can help you:

Know your carpet well

You must know the features and quality of the carpet you own. These features and qualities can be the material it is made out of, nature of the fabric and preferable methods of installing and cleaning them. Every carpet is available with a manufacturer’s instructions booklet or manual. Hence, you can get each and every detail about the carpet from the manuals. Go through it thoroughly after purchasing carpet.

Check the cleaners and stain removers

Carpet Stain Removal Services Sydney
Carpet Stain Removal Services Sydney

The market is full with varieties of cleaners and stain removers. Most of them have chemical additives. These chemical ingredients can be harmful for the fibers of the carpet. Hence, you should be careful before selecting cleaner or stain remover for your carpet. Moreover, preference must be given to natural and mild cleaning agents. Also, Stain removers must be fiber friendly in nature. Improper and unsuitable cleaners and stain removers can cause corrosion and tear away the fibers. This will reduce the life of the carpet and damage its look and fluffiness.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum clean your carpet on a regular basis. Do it daily if possible. This will prevent excessive accumulation of dust and debris over the surface of the carpet. Due to daily vacuum, your carpet will suffer less wear and tear due to rubbing of particles over the surface. If dust accumulation is left isolated for a prolonged period, it penetrates inside the layer of the carpet. Hence, it gets difficult to remove.

Treating food spills immediately

Food spills can leave tough stains on your carpet which might be difficult to remove. While taking immediate action is necessary, do not scoop or dig however. Digging can make the stain go into the deeper layers of the carpet. Use a spoon or blunt knife instead to treat the stain. A large proportion of the stain can be removed by using plain tap water. Use must use a dry and damp cloth to alternatively to fade the stains. Make sure however, not to scrub too hard as this can damage the fibers. Be as gentle as possible while blotting to avoid the stain from spreading.

If the stain is tough, you can use a club soda or vinegar to treat the same. Test the product on a smaller area however.

Rotate furniture arrangement

Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney
Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Furniture is a heavy article which rests upon your carpet. Due to the weight of the furniture, dents can easily form over the surface of the carpet. These dents are not only more vulnerable to dust accumulation but also reduce carpet life. Hence, rotate the arrangement of furniture frequently to prevent indentation.

Treat spills and stains immediately

In case of spills and stains, treat them immediately. The spills and stains can be removed using natural and mild carpet cleaning agents. You can also use a solution of white vinegar and baking powder to remove stains. For tough stain use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking powder. Apply them over the stained area and leave for 15-20 minutes. Gently wipe the area clean. This immediate action will not allow stains to leave any permanent marks. Hence, this will keep the look of your carpet new-like.

Hire professional cleaners

For maintaining your carpets effectively, professional carpet cleaning services are most useful. The professionals use various methods of carpet cleaning which is fiber friendly. Their methods of steam cleaning, stain and odor removal and restoration helps your carpet to retain its new look. This increases the durability and life of your carpet. If you are looking for a reliable source, then Clean Master Sydney is the one for you. You can avail their services to make your carpet stay new-like for a very long period of time.

Carpet Shampooing Services Sydney
Carpet Shampooing Services Sydney

Give them a call on 0410 453 896 to avail their best service right at your doorstep. They carry out both commercial as well as residential carpet cleaning services. The experts have in depth knowledge and make sure that they thoroughly clean the carpet without causing any harm to the fibers. Moreover, they also sanitize the carpets to make it 100% germfree.