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DIYs for Carpet Mould Removal

We all are aware of the important role our carpets play in our households and offices. Carpets have to face a lot of staining and dust problems which can lead to prolonged damage to its life and quality. But there are some other issues associated with carpets like the formation of mould. Mould is a fungus that can affect any part of your homes, carpets too can get affected by it. Any exposure to mould can lead to many health problems like skin irritations and fungal problems. So it’s highly advisable that you hire professional carpet cleaning services today to remove mould from the carpet. For less severe mould infestations you can follow some carpet mould removal methods at home. We are providing you with some DIYs for carpet mould removal at home. Keep reading below and get rid of mould as soon as possible.

Carpet Mould Removal
Carpet Mould Removal

DIYs For Mould Removal From The Carpet

  • Dishwashing Detergent and Water

    Use Dishwashing detergent for less intense mould infestations on your carpet. Prepare a solution of detergent and water and rinse a cloth with this solution. Use the cloth to rub the floor beneath the carpet first and then carry on with carpet mould removal. Rub and scrub the black layer of mould on your carpet and clean the surface and bottom of carpet as well. Keep rubbing till you see the black mould slowly fading away. For carpet water extraction, you can use two cloths above and beneath the wet carpet and press to absorb all the water. Repeat carpet water extraction again and dry your carpets in the sunlight for a day.
  • Lysol and Water

    Lysol works excellently for carpet mould removal and for carpet sanitization too. Pour one cup of Lysol to a bucket full of warm water. Pour this solution on the black layer of mould on the carpet and saturate the mould with it completely. You can also use to srub the sticky black layer if it is stubborn and remove it completely. Leave Lysol solution on the mould for an hour. After an hour you can deep clean your carpet using a vacuum cleaner and get rid of dirt and mould left.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda

    Vinegar and baking soda are the best-known solutions for carpet mould removal and for providing carpet sanitization as well. Simply pour some amount of vinegar directly on the mould and let the mould soak it in. Then you can start sprinkling some amount of baking soda on the mould and vinegar and cover the mould layer with it. Let vinegar and baking soda stay on the mould for half an hour and terminate the living mould. Finish by cleaning the mould and soda with a brush and follow a thorough vacuum cleaning of your carpets. Clean the surface and the bottom of carpet with a vacuum cleaner and repeat if necessary.
Carpet Sanitization
Carpet Sanitization


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