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DIY Duct Mould Removal

Air Vents and Ducts are an important part of our home, they keep the temperature comfortable and provide ventilation year round. For their proper functioning ducts require regular duct cleaning. Ducts are prone to the settlement of dirt, dust and debris, which obstructs its efficiency. The growth of mould can cause breathing problems in your family. Mould is a fungus which can grow anywhere including in your air ducts. It appears as a thick black layer around your ducts and the fungus spreads by releasing spores. These spores can cause various skin and lung allergies. Exposure to these spores can also cause many symptoms like asphyxiation, bronchitis and fungal infections. So always hire professional duct cleaners for correct Duct Mould Removal and get your duct sanitization, duct deodorization and duct decontamination done by experts. If you have a simple case of mould infestation you can follow this simple guide to get your ducts free of off mould.

Duct Mould Removal
Duct Mould Removal

The Instructions Are:

  1. Choosing a Cleaning Solution.

    The first step to remove mould is to find a good Mould Removal agent. For a DIY solution you can use the following mixtures:

    • Normal Household detergent with water.
    • A baking soda and detergent solution
    • Mixing 1 part of bleach with 16 parts water
  1. Put on Protective Gear.

    You should be protected while removing mould. A mask and a good pair of gloves should be used. Inhaling spores is not recommended.

  1. Turn of Anything Connected to The Duct

    Before you begin the cleaning make sure to turn off the heater, air conditioner or HVAC.

  1. Removing The Mould from Affected Areas.

    Begin scrubbing off the moulding using the solution and a wet rag. Letting the solution sit is a good way to do it. Use disposable towels where necessary and remove excess solution and them vacuum it to be sure. If mould infestation is large contact professionals like Clean Master Sydney to do the job for you.

  1. Regularly Check The Area for Any Mould Growth.

    If it’s a recurring problem then professional duct cleaning and mould removal are required.

    Hire Clean Master Sydney, Melbourne

    Mould removal is a very hard and time-consuming process if it’s a heavy or recurring infestation. Clean Master Sydney, Melbourne has a team of expert technicians who use modern tools and cleansing agents for Duct Cleaning, duct mould removal. Nobody perform a better Professional duct cleaning than us. Try it yourself and contact us.

    Duct Sanitization
    Duct Sanitization