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DIY Duct Mould Removal

An important part of any of the residents is to control the growth of molds in ducts. Maintaining proper concern is needed to tackle various health issues at ducts. Ducts of home and workplace are more persistent in the growth of microbes. In such cases, duct cleaning is an essential process to carry out. You Clean the Ducts at home via some household process or can hire a professional.

Is Cleaning Duct at Home Essential for Removing Moulds?

The situation can be controlled by some easy steps. You can use DIY steps for cleaning out the molds thoroughly. Cleaning ducts need to be taken into special concern. The growth of molds can have adverse effects on the health and skin of the members near it.

While cleaning the ducts it should be noted down that you need to take safety measures first to protect yourself from the molds. Duct cleaning is not a complex process but can be harmful for health is a proper concern is not made.

DIY Methods to Remove Mold from your Ducts

  • Step 1 – First of all, you need to check that your HVAC system is turned off. This step is needed to take into consideration because extra heating and cooling can affect the person who is cleaning the duct. Apart from the same wait until the temperature inside the ducts comes into normal room temperature. Duct cleaning can be done efficiently e especially when the temperature is normal.
  • Step 2 – Now it is the time for preparing the best solution for cleansing purposes. Various cleansing agents can be assisted in this process. You can take your household detergent and mixed with water. Baking soda is also an efficient remedy for this. One tablespoon of detergent with a half a cup of baking soda and one cup of water makes a robust remedy.
    There are various other cleansing agents such as mixture of borax and water and hydrogen peroxide. The same can be used for cleaning molds from other sources. If you need to spend some more dollars on ducts you can take the assistance of specialized cleaning agents available in the stores.
  • Step 3 – In this step, you need to put your safety Glass on a need to spray the solution throughout the duct. You can N95 masks for efficient safety. If the condition is rougher and out of control, you can apply some bleach or other chemicals for the same purpose. But bleaching is not generally recommended.
  • Step 4 – After the whole process is done you can vacuum the Ducts. Please make sure that there is no humidity left. Any Residue of humidity on moisture provides a favorable condition for the molds to grow again. You can also apply an inhibitor in the Ducts afterward for duct cleaning in Melbourne.

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